Layers of fresh pasta, beef bolognese sauce, mozzarella, parmigiano, bechamel, and of course, Francesco's love and passion! Each tray serves six people very well and comes with a garlic ciabatta loaf.


All products arrive frozen in order to ensure freshness and quality, along with complete cooking instructions to cook straight from frozen. 

Family Size Traditional Meat Lasagna (all beef; Serves 6 well)

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     Lasagnas can stay out for 30 mins and remain frozen, and can stay refrigerated for up to five days once thawed. 

  • Tomato sauce (peeled whole tomatoes, salt, ground black pepper, onions, garlic, basil), tomato passata (whole tomatoes, salt), extra lean ground beef, carrot, celery, onion, garlic, fresh egg pasta (durum wheat semolina, egg, water, salt), mozzarella, parmesan, bay leaves, white wine, bechamel sauce (flour, butter, salt, ground black pepper, nutmeg).