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Now you can enjoy the best of Italian Sunday lunch at your convenience! One small lasagna (serves 2-3) with two generous portions of chicken parmigiana and a garlic ciabatta loaf, all reheated at your convenience and served perfectly hot straight from your oven.


All products arrive frozen in order to ensure freshness and quality, along with complete cooking instructions to cook straight from frozen. 

Lasagna and Chicken Meal (Serves 3-4)

  • *All orders need to be made before 4 pm the day of*

    Choose a delivery day and time window for the item before checking out. If these days and times don't work for you, just leave us some alternative day/time windows in the "add a note" box, and we will email to confirm an alternative (and choose any delivery day/time for now in order to checkout). 

     Lasagnas can stay out for 30 mins and remain frozen, and can stay refrigerated for up to five days once thawed. 

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